Vision and Mission


"To be the most credible voice in power sector policy formulation and regulation."


Partner with the government to attain the national objective of 'power for all' at competitive rates towards a better quality of life, greater economic activity and robust national growth. This mission entails bringing the industry and the government together in:

  •  Facilitating private investments in the power sector
  •  Suggest necessary measures to improve the sector's viability and strengthen the entire value chain of the power sector - generation, transmission and distribution
  •  Suggest appropriate policy, regulatory and other measures to facilitate greater private sector sector participation in the sector
  •  Take up issues of concerns to stakeholders - investors, developers and users
  •  Undertake studies to fill the sectoral knowledge gap and help in informed decision making
  •  Attempt resolution of operational difficulties, generic in nature
  •  Discuss specific measures relation to:


    •  Fuel linkages, transportation and railway connectivity constraints at port and mine heads
    •  Optimizing the country's energy mix
    •  Strengthening intra and inter-state transmission infrastructure
    •  Demand side management and energy efficiency
    •  Financial health of distribution utilities
    •  Encouraging growth
    •  Any other generic issue impacting the power secto

In doing so, the Association aspires to become a key platform for debate and discussion so that synergies are achieved in the actions of the Government and the industry.